Wednesday, August 30, 2006

God Is Never Silent

Beauty in beauty is nothing but a tautology, but beauty in suffering must needs fly to God and God alone. It is an amazing revelation indeed when one sees how out of terrible suffering the greatest act of love was performed. How much more hope can we have if and when we suffer a little in this lifetime?

Tonight I saw a man of God suffering, but I also saw a beauty never before seen--beauty in his love for his wife, in our love for him, and most of all, in His love for us, from which we were first taught to love. And how were we so privileged? Because a brother was broken. But God was certainly there, for where there is beauty there is love, and where there is love, God. God was there, and He was not silent, and may the love He thundered stir and move us all.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tomorrow's Triathlon

the water can't touch me
i'm too smooth
then i sprout wings
and fly above the grooves
last i alight
to begin the last fight
and in the end
the better man i prove

haha, that was fun. but hopefully not as fun as tomorrow's real thing!

May everyone present marvel at the gifts possessed and joyfully used, and in so doing, marvel at Him who gave them.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


She needed to escape the city. Throngs of wooden men crowding the broad and winding streets suffocated her. Metallic air forced her to take short, stunted breaths. The glassy eyes of everyone around her reflected no humanity, only herself. She was alone and wanted to be more alone, so she took off her shoes and stockings and started towards the setting sun, the last chance at light.

It was the roar of the sea that finally beckoned her to stop, and so she did. She stood facing the water, looking into the empty richness of the horizon, and the knot in her soul began to unravel. The loving wind caressed her face and gently loosened the yellow scarf around her neck; the tired sun reaching for repose still tenderly warmed her skin; and the sea, the friendly sea, began to speak to her. But, before long, realizing her guard was drawing down, she had to make sure.

She asked the sea, "Do you have an opinion of me?"
The sea answered, "I crash here and ripple there but you, I love you as you are, and will let you be."
She asked the sea, "Will you disappoint me?"
The sea answered, "I am what I am, wild and free, beautiful as can be, and will always be."

Satisfied with his answers, she spoke with him for a while longer, enjoying a warmth of company she had long forgotten. When she returned to her flat that night, she began speaking to the chair, and found the same comfort.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

a smile

entering the community center i feel a salient breeze and almost close my eyes to enjoy it before i notice a clustering crowd of round tables facing the stage. this makes me slightly uneasy because i have to choose a table, a table that may or may not populate, all depending on what i look like and where i sit. i'm pretty early so most of the tables are empty, making the choice even more anxious, and the people i do see have their backs to me so all i can judge is the colors of their hair and clothing, and maybe their posture. welling up with a sudden pseudo-boldness i choose to sit down at a blank table directly center of the place. it's also close to the front so as people stroll in i have to turn around to make my silly silent pronouncements. i notice they're predominantly rich white folks in their golden years, which makes me think i'll end up sitting alone. seven o'clock rolls around and i'm right; everyone seems to have sat at all the tables except mine, making me like the center of a starfish. i feel special. i also feel nervous because if we have to form groups i'll have to get up and announce my isolation. yet, a couple minutes later, i'm saved. a pleasant elderly couple sits down next to me. they're a beautiful pair and i muse that they were high school sweethearts. their silver hair and deep wrinkles try to tell me more of the story but something stops me. it's their smiles--her smile. i forget the story and steal into the smile, and for a while i'm at peace. then the seminar starts.