Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11

Five years ago today, many men were awake. Though we wish some weren't (maybe because they had been awake so long they finally needed sleep), many others were. And many, for the first time ever. They woke up wide-eyed because they had been asleep for so long. They had plenty of rest. Everyone was awake that day. Sometimes it makes you wonder if the world would be better off with everyone asleep. Then no one would be awake to care; no one would care enough to kill. If you're asleep, you can't step on someone else's toes. But don't think like that. Everyone should be awake. Did you see the way New York got out of bed? Just remembering that makes me want to slap myself and wake up. Doesn't that make you want to wake up? If remembering and reflecting upon this day does anything, I hope and pray that it wakes us up from our sweet and sorry slumber. People may or may not die by those awake, but certainly by no one else can people be saved.


Anonymous said...

i'm bored. write something interesting

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write something!